Gap between CPU an heatsink


I have a Pi installed in the case, but there is a visible gap (less than 1mm) between the thermal pad on the case and the Pi’s CPU.
I pushed the Pi in as tight as I could and screwed it down. It rests completely on the “screw terminals”.
Is there any chance to adjust this?


is it possible to take a picture? normally the thermal pad should be able to cover the gap and ensure contact with the CPU and the case.

I have tried to make a picture with a backlight in the background so that you can see the light gap.

You can also see a gap at the RAM, not only at the CPU but i couldn’t capture it with my camera. It looks like the connectors are also too far apart. I think that the long hex screws on which the Pi rests are about 1mm too long.



When I attach the backplate, all of the Pi’s connectors are at the top edge of each opening and there is only a space underneath each of them


It’s difficult to tell from the picture but are the sticky, rubbery thermal pads actually in place?

This is not an EON but in this picture you can see the thermal pads stuck on the metal parts of an Argon case. These get sandwiched between the case and the chip.


Hello folks,

actually i can confirm i have exactly the very same issue with my EON. There is a clear gap between the CPU and the heatsink / metal part of the EON.
Is there any advice, how to close the gap? Is it possible to have a much thicker thermal pad? What do i need to search for, to get the right thermal pad? Can i use just anything?
I am meanwhile using a second layer, so 2 pads: the one provided by Argon and a piece available for SSDs. However i am not sure, if this approach is really a good one and i have the fan spinning high quite frequently, so my guess, there is room for improvement :slight_smile:

btw.: I am using the RPi 4 with 8GB RAM, not sure if there is any difference with the models.
Even between the RAM chip and the heat sink is a very small gap. I did hope that the huge metal framing would help to keep the CPU cool, however even a NFS server, serving 1 file to a linux box with moderate transfer rates is causing the fan to speed up every 15 minutes, which is annoying.


I shortened the long hex screws on which the raspberry rests by about 0.9mm. This made contact with the thermal pad and I had no problem with the connections being too deep to fit into the back recess.


Thanks for the hint @Wuehli
So indeed there is more users having issues with it. I feel this is not an action i would try on my unit, as it is most likely not possible to get spare parts in Germany from Argon, in case i break something.
Would be great if Argon takes some action here and maybe sells some additional parts, like

  • screws with 2 parts, allowing to adjust the height OR
  • thicker thermal pad.

Obviously this design flaw is not cosmetic but has influence on the CPU temp and too high CPU temp results into noisy fan, which is the biggest complaint towards this great looking unit, at least what i can see. So i hope Argon gets active here!

I’m glad I saw this post. I didn’t see the part of the instructions that said “and stick the Silicon Thermal Pads.” But I can’t find them anywhere in the box? Can I just get a generic pad to put in there?

I use K5 thermal paste, so far running very stable at 2ghz with mild custom fan curve, not a requirement … but i have upgraded my fan so its little more noisier.