[Fixed] Argon One V2 case not powering on

TL;DR: if your Argon One isn’t booting, try trimming the IR receiver leads on the fan/power board.

Sharing in case it’ll help someone else in the future: when I installed my Pi 4 in the Argon One case, my board would not power on. Plugging directly into the Pi’s USB-C port worked, but when plugged into the Argon One USB-C port, no boot. Swapping between different power supplies, switching the jumper, and pressing the power button had no effect.

Best_Chain_4328 on reddit figured this out: if the IR receiver leads contact the aluminum case, there can be a short when the grounded Ethernet port casing of the Pi makes contact. The solution is to trim these leads. Once I did, the Pi successfully booted inside the case.

(Best_Chain_4328’s photo, not mine):

My guy… This post! I have the version 1 off of Kickstarter. It never worked and I always assumed under voltage. I get it out every so often and mess with it. TODAY…after your post I took it out of the case and blammo. It worked. It was shorting. Your a damn genius and I love you. I think I’ve had it for 5 years?