Faulty Power board or? Argon40+NVMe+Pi4

Hi All
Having had a major data loss on my Argon40+NVMe which I was unable to recover from using timeshift I reinstalled Ubuntu 22.04 server directly to the NVMe drive.
OS will only load when nothing is connected via the USB ports.
It gets as far as the log in.
When I connect any peripherals -in this case a basic RasperryPi keyboard- I get the error shown in the photo below.
Please could someone help me trouble-shoot this, I am out of my depth.

It looks not good for one of your hardware components.
„over-current condition“ could be an short circuit on your NVMe base or USB port. It also be possible that you have an ESD damage on your Pi4.

Do you have already checked with another power supply?

Please inspect all of your USB ports for damaged contacts. Use a lense and flashlight if needed.

To isolate the issue please disconnect the USB dongle to the NVMe base from the backside of the case and start from a fresh SD card. Connect a keyboard or another USB device and look if the over-current message reappears.

If the message is gone, remove the NVMe from the base and re-insert only the USB dongle to connect the base again. Look again for that message.

Do you have another NVMe available for testing?