Fan making weird Noise

I got my Argon One V2 just about a week ago. it worked fine for a while, I put a custom printed bottom for mounting and put it in its installation for constant use. I never had an issue till it started to make a weird screeching sound one morning. I took it to my work station and found that the fan was screeching and making a really annoying sound. I took the fan out and had a look at it and it seemed fine until I put it in the case. even without screws this sound persisted. I tried printed spacers even some foam cushioning. nothing worked. note I can’t run the argon one software due to the image im running. plus the fan made the sound even without a pi in the case so its not a software issue. any suggestions? or were I can find a suitable replacement fan? (and can someone please tell me how I attach a video file so I can show you?)

Hello… Have a similar issue with one of my cases and sounds very much like a ball bearing getting ready to go in the fan case. I ordered a new fan from China… the fan has a two pin connector on it so either order a replacement with the connector, or split that wiring and solder the old connector to new wires on a plain fan… Think it is 30mm square if I’m recalling it correctly…

Jay S.