Failed to open device: 'sdcard' - Booting Ubuntu from m.2

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I see there are already some threads on the issue but I haven’t been able to get anything working yet. I have been running Ubuntu Server 20.04 (recently upgraded to 22.04) on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and I wanted to move to the m.2 but it has been unsuccessful. Ubuntu 22.04 boots from the SDCard but not from the m.2

I’ve been using Etcher in Linux to flash an image of Ubuntu 22.04 live server to the m.2, also I then tried different USB cables that connect the m.2 to the Argon, I tried making a clone from the working SDCard to the m.2 but got the same error in the screenshot above.

I think there isn’t a hardware failure because I used the lsblk command and it showed the m.2 drive. What do you think the problem is? I kind of need Ubuntu Server for my needs

I’ve tried plugging in an external m.2 enclosure and connecting that via USB and it works, so it’s clearly a physical problem with the bottom piece of the Argon.

I forgot about the separate enclosures for m.2 and NVME, I have a NVME drive and a SATA enclosure, I just need to either get a SATA drive or a NVME enclosure

Sounds like you have it figured. That’s the method I used… just plug the entire bottom M2 assy into your computer and load the software straight into your SATA SSD. Worked 1st time for me.

I have also ordered the NVMe bottom assy a week ago, so I haven’t tried that one yet, but I don’t anticipate any problems.

One potential problem with these assemblies is that the SSD’s suck a fair amount of power from the Plug Pak PSU. If you encounter unusual behaviour (data corruption etc), I found that using a decent quality powered USB hub allows your Raspberry Pi and SATA SSD (only) to function well, while everything else is connected to your powered hub … so your keyboard, mouse and everything else doesn’t drag the PSU down.

Good luck…

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Yes, once I got the SATA and NVME sorted out it was straightforward, I will take your advice on the power, thanks very much !