EU plug for Argon EON power supply?

New Argon EON just arrived. Looks great! Waiting for the hard disks, but probably will be fun to assemble.

I just noticed that the plug for the power supply is for the UK. I live in the EU so I would prefer an EU plug. For now I will buy a converter and that will probably work. But does someone has any idea if I can get this somewhere? Preferably for not too much money… :slight_smile: Google is not too helpful today…

Hello Joris, I have the same problem. Would you mind sharing what sort of adapter did you buy? Thank you.

Nothing official or good looking. I guess if it existed somebody would have posted here. I asked at the shop ( that sold me the Argon and they were nice enough to send me an travel adapter.

While cleaning out some old boxes I found an UK extension cord. and I cut of the plug and replaced it for a plug that fits into a UPS.

Thank you. It’s a pity otherwise. I’ll have to stick with the travel adapter.