EON's Arrival - unpacking

Backer # 1078 - my EON arrived yesterday afternoon, I did not receive any tracking information prior to its appearance in my mail box. That’s OK, I have it now. Sure am glad I had ordered a new Pi4B-4GB the other day, it should be here on Tuesday. I plan on using the Pi4B-4GB from my CrowPi-2 to create the NAS today. Was hoping to start the installation last night, but the aluminum frame & plastic sides were so cold, I decided to wait until after breakfast tomorrow (today).

Want to thank everyone who received the EON before me and posted their experiences to enlighten those who came after you. I too, plan on doing the same thing.

If any of you reading this are familiar with the Ifixit Tool Kits [https://www.ifixit.com/] the tools come in handy when working on any RPi project. The tool kit I have has a suction cup which is used to assist in removing a display assembly from a smartphone, tablet or the plastic sides of the EON. The tool kit also has a plastic magnetic mat for screws, very handy. Unpacking the EON was very straight forward, everything looked intact, the plastic sides and back fit very well to the frame. The supplied screw driver with the hex head in the handle is just the correct height for removing the screws.

Of the 5 Kickstarter Projects that I have backed, the Argon EON has had the least amount of problems from the time I backed until the reward was received.