EON impressions: Great design / realization could be better

The EON is my third PI case from Argon, having the M2 and the ONE as well.

Actually i love the EON case a lot. It looks awesome!
There is also many good ideas, however also some issues and i want to report, so Argon can talk to the manufacturer and hopefully improve production lines.

In my cases 2 out of 4 screws for the SATA board have been too strongly screwed, that i was not able to release them. The bad part is, that very sensitive SMD parts are so close to the screws, that you would ruin the SATA board if the screw driver slips away hitting electronic parts, while trying to loose screes :-(. This was a very poor experience and i almost packed the case to send it back. Finally i wrapped a lot of paper around the grip of the Argon screw driver to have it much thicker and get more torque. Actually this trick helped me here.
Minutes later i had problems that the screws for mounting the PI would not fit properly anymore, when the PI was in.
So quality seems to be an issue with the manufacturer and i hope Argon will address it. btw. also the backplate, covering the connectors like USB ports and so on, does not really fit well. But ok, in this case the poor quality doesn’t hurt too much. Still it doesn’t give a good feeling.
I would be also happy, if there would be some part / gap within the magnetic side panels where you can more easily put a finger nail in and release the panels.
The last 2 annoyances are of course the gap between the CPU heatsink and the PI CPU, see the releated thread for that one, and the noisy fan.

Besides all that trouble: As of today i still love my EON case, however i would be more than just glad to get some solution for the noisy fan.

Having the USB connector a little further away from the back of the case would be nice as well. This would provide enough room for a heat sink on the M2 Device. No room for one unless you find an USB->m2 adapter that has the M2 on the INSIDE of the case…

Also, it would be nice to have a battery bundled. I had to order a 5-pack online because I couldn’t find it in offline stores nearby.