EON Hardware Setup Completed - Observation

I just finished the hardware installation of the EON. I have installed 2-3.5" HDD 6-TB each. As for the rest of the hardware I found the enclosed documentation + the forum I was able to get the EON ready for HDD’s. I don’t believe I have anything to add the documentation that hasn’t already been mentioned.

Note: I think my fan was installed upside down as well, the airflow arrow was pointing down, which at first I thought it didn’t matter until I checked with 2 Electrical Engineers (my sons) and they agreed that the air should be drawn out of the box at the top (hot air rises) pulling cooler air from the bottom transferring heat from the Pi up past the HDD’s and out of the box. I guess that makes sense.

Before installing the HDD’s check the direction of the airflow of the fan, it’s located on one of the sides of the fan, once a 3.5" HDD is installed you won’t be able to change it. I found that installing 3.5" HDD’s was the most difficult part of the hardware installation. You have to be very careful that the HDD doesn’t move very much when the EON is standing erect. I recommend setting the EON on it’s back, with both side panels removed, carefully slot your HDD. The receptacle for the SATA HDD can be broken easily. Do not tallow the HDD to move from side to side while screwing it into the back panel, I used some duct tape to hold it temporarily in place. Then turned the EON upright. The holes in the back panel were lined up nicely, attached the HDD’s with screws provided. Reattached the side panels. The EON is ready for software installation.

I noticed the the new version of OS Bullseye was updated 1/28/2022. Copying it now to a 32GB SD card.

Thanks for the observation of the fan airflow direction. I too have the arrow pointing down.