Easy method to start the install over?

Hello…I began the install process last evening. All went swimingly, from placement and connection of my Rasp Pi 4, to the SSD physical install (I have 2 Samsung 4 TB 870QVO’s in the 2.5 slots and 2 Samsung 2 TB 870QVO’s in the 3.5 slots). I installed the software, Rasp Lite, MDADM, OMV, and Argon, step by step with the guide in this forum, andn then created a mirror array with the 4TBs and one with the 2 TBs…then…I figured out I could boot with a 1TB NVME using a USB adapter) That aside, after creating the Mirror Arrays, I then created EXT4 file systems on those arrays in OVM, thinking I needed them to actually use at drive to place media. Now when I boot, OMV does not see the drive nor the arrays.

Is there an easy correction I can make with command code? Or how can I reset/reformat the SSDs with code, etc.

Any thought are appreciated.