Continuing Problems with ArgonOne and Argon Remote Control and Kodi

Hello Everyone,

I continue to have problems with my RPI4 in its ArgonOne M2.SATA case and the Argon remote control and Kodi (20.3). The whole thing is running Raspberry OS 64 lite (bookworm, up-to-date) and I have applied argon one scripts and argon remote scripts installing the daemons and applying the fan and remote configurations.

I have had problems before with other remotes, both radio and USB remotes, mostly about conflicting with the TV CEC remote. Finally I bought an Argon remote - essentially switching from USB/HID to LIRC stack - and while it’s not conflicting anymore some weird stuff is still happening - some of it may be down to Kodi rather than Argon code.

1 - First of all without applying any updates or patches every now and then I’m losing the power on/off functionality. And when I execute argon-config to reconfigure the power button I get an error. Despite this error the power on/off resumes to work after that, but I cant explain why it stops in the first place.

2 - The other problem may be more Kodi related but it’s about the remote, too. I have the Argon IR remote working fine now with Kodi after tweaking ‘/etc/lirc/lircd.conf.d/argon.lircd.conf’ a little and creating ‘/home/cam/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/argon.xml’ and ‘/home/cam/.kodi/userdata/Lircmap.xml’ files.

Reason for this customisation is twofold. a) I was not successful to get ‘longpress’ working, missing out on ContextMenu and b) the BACK button doesn’t do the Back action.

So I remapped the Back button to BACK and mapped ContextMenu to the MENU button, fine.

But every now and then - again without updates or patches, I cant explain what triggers this - ‘/home/cam/.kodi/userdata/Lircmap.xml’ gets overwritten. And my Back & ContextMenu buttons stop working.

Any idea why any of this might happen?

Thx cam