Configure fan in MoodeAudio using Pi4 in Argon40 One please?

Hello from Leeds/UK

I’m using Pi4 in Argon40 One V2
Hoping for some direction here please!
Using latest version of MoOde…playing files held on SSD…all good.

However…I haven’t setup the fan in the Argon40.
I understand from YouTube that this can be done using a ‘script’ and a fresh install of the RPi OS…but that setup is surely lost when I remove the Pi OS and replace it with MoOde…??

I know I can open an SSH ‘terminal’ in MoOde…is this the way forward, or am I barking up the wrong tree here?
After a couple of months…I’m noticing the unit gets quite hot to the touch…and it would be good to know if the fan is actually working…
…as I haven’t actually heard it yet ! :slight_smile: