Choosing USB NVME Card for internal

Does anyone know if there would be an issue using this on the internal port for my OS Drive?

I was going to pair it with this

i use this one:

and two WDRed 6 TB for the raid1.


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I’m using this one with a 500GB WD Black NVME SSD.
Even though the one I’m using has a JMicron chipset, it’s working fine in my EON (some JMicron based devices can be problematic with Raspberry Pi’s)

ZEXMTE M.2 NVME USB 3.1 Adapter M-Key M.2 PCIe to Hard Drive Converter Reader High Performance 10 Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 Bridge Chip Support 2230 2242 2260 2280 Size SSD

Do you guys have the 2.5” SATA slot next to the internal USB populated? Cause I am wondering if those nvme cards will fit my setup, with all four drives installed the space around the usb looks pretty tight… :grimacing:

Oh… good question cause I assumed everyone had the four slots filled…

I found a picture somewhere else on the forums confirming that although it’s tight it should fit :wink:


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Were you able to enable TRIM?

Like in this guide:

Can you tell me Were you able to enable TRIM?

Like in this guide:

No I wasn’t. The firmware in the NVME adapter doesn’t seem to support TRIM.

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It is so much cheaper to use an m.2 data (not NVME). You won’t get the to utilize the top speed due to CPU and network limitations. I bought a installed a Silicon Power 512GB SATA III m.2 for $26 and booted from the internal power with no problem.

Well, yeah… the Pi4’s usb is just 3.0 so any modern nvme is an overkill… but some adapters work with both standards … just a shame that to get trim support you have to spend 3 times the sata3 combo price just for the adapter with a chipset that supports it :money_mouth_face: