Cannot power on using power button

Hi all,

I have built my NAS using a Raspberry Pi 4B, it is running RetroPie with Open Media Vault on top. I have installed the JeffCurless config script which appears to be working fine, I also have the power management jumper set to pins 1-2. I have also updated my EEPROM config to the following:

root@retropie:~# rpi-eeprom-config

Whenever I issue a shutdown command (via command line or via the OMV web interface) everything appears to power down fine but the Pi’s indicator LED remains on and red. After this I cannot power the NAS back up using the power button unless I press and hold the power button for >5s to force a shutdown (at which point the Pi indicator LED switches off).

Everything else is running fine (RetroPie, OMV etc). Any ideas or suggestions to get the Pi to fully power down such that I can power it back up using the Eon’s power button would be greatly appreciated!

Power cycle the NAS. Either unplug the 12V adapter from the mains or unplug the adapter from the EON. Not elegant but would like to know if it works for you as well,.