Cannot Boot the USB SSD with pi4

Just got the SATA version of Argon 1, installed the pi4 and the SSD into the Argon. I followed the instructions found at to setup a bootable pi4 from SSD. The pi4 boots fine from the SD card, after I clone the SD card to the SSD

I get the pi boot time failure after I remove the SD card and reboot

Raspberry Pi USB Boot ‘USB-MSD Boot Requires Newer Software’

When I boot with the SD card, I can see the SSD boot partition with lsusb and if I plug the SSD into my mac the boot partition contains files. So the SSD is being imaged properly.

I have tried to get the latest stable boot loader, no difference.

Any thoughts on what this issue with the boot loader is?

Image the SD card with a fresh/current/vanilla Raspian 64 bit. Boot it then apt update/upgrade. Then install argon config etc. Once your SD is a nice starting point and runs well in your EON case follow the instructions and the attached script(s) from here: Running Raspbian from USB Devices : Made Easy - Raspberry Pi Forums

That should get you sorted.

I did this with my Argon EON and it works like a charm.
I have three SATA SSDs installed there; one SSD has the boot partition plus the root raspian/OMV etc and the other two SSDs are my NAS volumes. I boot directly from the boot/root SSD no SD card installed. As far as the raspberry is concerned the SATA disks are just USB disks (via the SATA bridge). This should work identical for your box.