Can the Argon EON usb SATA controller be connected to another PC?

I realize this is an odd use case but I would like to directly connect the disks in an existing Argon EON system to another computer. Inside the EON, the board with the SATA connectors is basically just a SATA-USB bridge that connects to the Pi with that custom C-shaped USB plug, right?

While the Pi was still powered on (with disks unmounted) I remove the C-shaped plug and used a normal USB cable to connect the top port (labeled “SATA USB”) and connected it to another computer. But the other system does not recognize any new device being connected via USB.

Maybe I just have a bad cable? Or is there some technical reason this isn’t going to work?

It is likely specially wired since USB-A to USB-A is not actually a safe configuration historically since it could fry both machines connected as it is a host-only connection (you find it normally only on a computer).