Can’t get my EON fan to stop

I know I am about the million person to ask this :-), but I read all the relevant threads and didn’t find anything that worked.
Fresh installed, everything works great besides the fan. No mater how I configure it, I can always hear it (meaning it’s always working) regardless of the CPU temperature, which is below 40C.
I don’t know how to measure the HDD temp, although I am using 2 SSDs so I am less concerned about that.

NB: the RPI board was previously used in an Argon ONE case, and I installed the Argon ONE script on it. Yesterday I ran an uninstall and installed the EON script, but there might be some kind of leftover somewhere that’s causing the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, the fan is controlled by TWO things.

  1. The CPU temp
  2. The temperature of the SSD/HDD/NVME devices

So… I suspect you have a hot disk.

To help you, we need more info…

  1. Which scripts are you using? The default argon scripts or mine, or something else?
  2. How do you have the fan set for the hard disks? Check /etc/argononed-hdd.conf, and /etc/argononed.conf

Note: The defaults will run the fan at 30% if the temp is higher than 35 degrees C,
might want to check the HDD temps.

What version of OS, etc, etc,

I installed your script and learned that my HDD was at 40, which caused the fan to kick in.
I changed the configuration to 41 and things became quiet… :grinning:
Thanks a lot!!

No problem, glad it worked out for you!