Can EON fan be turned off?

Hi everyone.
I received my EON a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, for tests, I installed raspberry PI OS and installed one seagate barracuda 2tb HDD. I also installed a fan control script and found some “feature”.
In any mode the fan works. I thought that the script will turn on the fan only when the disks or the processor are under load.
I also have an argonone m2 case (which I use for home assistant) and it just has the fan turned off most of the time. I think that in the EON at no load the fan would be turned off.
Please tell me if there is any alternative way to control the fan so that it can be completely turned off when the EON is not in use. (on this forum I found a mention of a script from @NHHiker, is there any readme?)
I thought it would be realistic to leave EON on 24/7, however it makes a lot of noise at night.
Oh, sorry for my english)

You have two options:

  1. unplug the fan.
  2. Modify the argononed.conf, and argononed-hdd.conf files with only:

The first one is obvious, and you will never have the fan turn on. I don’t recommend that. The second keeps the fan off until the drives or CPU hit 60 degrees C. This may, or may not adversely effect the system, i.e. possibly shorten the lifespan of your system.

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Are you talking about the official script? And what is your script about which write here? how is it different? What is the difference between it and the official one?

curl | bash

Yea above example should work, however… I’m not a fan of Seagate HDD, they tend to be hotter than other brands, but a Barracuda series are indeed a speed demon for sure. :japanese_ogre::fire:

I set mine very similar settings too like suggested above by @NHHiker based on HDD sensor. I did upgrade/replace my fan profile with a thicker version which blows quite a bit of air flow & slight noise increase.

I’m thinking to set FAN always on and do a little Arduino Xiao fan controller for better fan curve …:thinking:

Latest observation. Fan installed to blow hot air upwards is wayyyyyyy more efficient for my upgraded fan.