BLSTR DAC order tracking update

Hi all,

I ordered a BLSTR DAC for my ONE v3 case just over a week ago. It was marked as ‘fulfilled’ almost immediately but I’ve not seen any updates since.

I’m also in the UK so I wonder if international shipping might complicate things too.

Please could I ask for an update (and hopefully a tracking number for a delivery) for my order # 4636

It seems quiet on the forum regarding the DAC so maybe they’ve not started shipping yet?

I’m in the same boat as you. I suspect they are waiting until they get enough orders before they send them all out. I could be wrong.

I’m, also, in that same boat. I guess it’s a party, now. Honestly, I’ve given up on this direct order of the Argon One V3 and NVME base order 2 weeks, ago. I doubt that it’ll ever arrive. While these cases are fantastic (I own 3 of the Argon One V2 for the Pi4), I didn’t buy them directly from Argon40. I used Amazon, and the communication/shipping/tracking was stellar. I’ve considered buying the DAC’s, but haven’t received my first order from this company. So, that’s a non-starter. I find myself returning to the site often, hoping that something will change. It’s not going to, and that’s a shame. My Pi5 is now housed in a GeekPi case that supports NVME w/ a WD Black SN850X 2Tb. If the Argon case ever arrives, I may buy another Pi5…otherwise I have nothing positive to say about the company. The products, though, are easily the best on the market. Feels like this place is being ran from someone’s garage, in China. Good luck!!

I ordered BLSTR DAC on March 2 and there is no sign of it being shipped!
I guess they released it because they know when it will ship.

I wouldn’t mind it if they gave a disclosure like, “If you order it now, delivery wont be until [insert date here]”. At this rate, I will just wait until Argon BLSTR DAC with Ground Loop Isolator for Argon One V3 | The Pi Hut gets it in stock and cancel my order with Argon40. Candid answers like, “email customer service” is useless when they rarely reply back to you.

If I dont hear back from them soon, I can always submit a dispute with PayPal that I never recieved my order and I’ll get my money back one way or another. I ordered my ONE v3 NVMe case through ThePiHut too without issues. This is honestly frustrating, and the lack of transparency is making it difficult to be understanding.

Is this y’all’s first time ordering from China? :thinking::smirk:
Placed the order as soon as they were available, got my shipping notification earlier this week. Based on previous experience with the One V3 NVME case I expect it in about 12 days. Courier transit to air shipper in China, customs clearance in China, air travel to US, customs clearance in US, final delivery by local post

I ordered the same DAC a week ago and it just shows Fulfilled only. There is nothing indicating it was shipped. I do know Standard International Mail normally does not have tracking available, but I would like to see some indication it was actually shipped.

I’m traveling home today (in-flight WiFi), but I think my BLSTR arrived yesterday, according to the tracking (to UK) so some have been sent. Other places in UK report stock too, has them too I think

I received an email last week saying it had been shipped with a tracking number and received it earlier this week

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Hopefully I will get some information on status soon. I ordered mine a week ago, but it is not showing any change in status and there is no indication it has shipped let alone a tracking number. I am in the US, and if Argon40 sent it via Standard International Mail, there may not be a tracking number.

This is what I am speaking of in regard to my order. There is nothing there indicating it has shipped and it has been at this same status for a week.