Assembly question for noobs like me

I’m at step 5, “stick the silicon thermal pads”

From sorting through the supplies, i am reckoning these are the gray squares included?

I see only one thing that is square shaped with that size… what does the other one stick to? Do I have to cut it down to fit another part? My guess is the silver square and black rectangle in the middle, but some confirmation of this would be nice.

The graphic in the instructions doesn’t have anything shaded to confirm. Thanks in advance!


You are correct, those little grey squares are the thermal pads. They are very easily torn, so treat them gently.

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The case has two “towers” of metal that contact the pi. It may be easier to place them on the case first and drop the Pi into place to contact them.

Also, don’t forget to remove the plastic film from both sides.


Well this is freaky.
My name is Robert Blanchett and I just shot the same question to support this afternoon!

I have a few suggested changes to the supplied Assembly instructions that I’ll shoot through to cs@a40.