ArgonPod Display - Cannot change DPI or resolution in CLI

I do not know how to change the resolution to 640x480 etc on the ArgonPod Display in CLI mode.
I have looked at various methods under pi and the drivers with no success.

The main issue is when installing the FBCP driver everything is fine under X but as soon as I try and boot into CLI only, the display is stuck on the last load screen and will not display anything properly. I can see the cursor blinking and operate the terminal even loading Htop but it briefly shows the changes and reverts back to display it was stuck on.

Uninstalling FBCP brings the ability to boot into CLI only and works fine but am stuck on 320x240 and cannot find a way to change it.

I have tried all sorts of things even manually editing the config.txt boot file.
Some places say to edit the config.txt.dpi file but it does not exist under the pi zero.
As apparently there are/were two separate configs for GPIO Displays and HDMI.

Please help. Thank you.

So this isn’t a true resolution fix for CLI, but would changing the CLI font size get you to the same end state?

I bought a cheap little 3.5” display for a pihole chronograph just for the aesthetics and it just didn’t fit the screen well on the default settings, so I found this method of changing the font - LOTS of options, might be worth checking into and experimenting with.

Hope this helps!

Ah very cool, thank you. You are correct just changing the font size in cli could help. I will try this out. I was going to get rid of the screen as its just not what I thought it would be. Plus the lack of support from this forum is appalling.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.

Happy to help, hope it works for you!