ArgonPOD Display 2.8 inch not working on Raspbian Lite and DietPi

Hi everyone,

I am developing a product using RPi Zero W’s for an embedded application. Because of this I’m using high performance / GUI-less operating systems such as Raspbian Lite and DietPi.

This 2.8 inch screen would be PERFECT for on-site debugging and just development in general, but I cannot get the driver to install properly. I was wondering if anyone has experience this and might be able to help. I’ve tried to install it on both Raspbian Lite and DietPi, but get the same following sequence of errors:

  1. I input the curl command to install the driver, as per the booklet that shipped with the box: curl | bash
  2. I get a bash copy error (cp) during the installation, plus a ‘unexpected file end error’
  3. I try to enter argonpod-config but it says command not found (screenshot attached)
  4. Then, the worst bit, after this failed installation, the HDMI port gets disabled/no longer works, and I have NO idea how to uninstall it because again, the argonpod command is not found.

For the sake of this screenshot, I tried running the curl command again, and got an output saying ‘Update completed’, but nope, argonpod-config is still not recognized. Sigh…

Any ideas? Is this driver only made to work with a full raspbian distribution or am I missing something?

Edit: I re-attempted the installation with a full raspi distro and finally, the driver installation worked, and the screen is now displaying properly

Definitely not an ideal situation though.

Does anyone know if there’ll be any support for non-raspi or non-GUI OSs?
Maybe I’m only missing a couple of libraries associated with the full distro installation, and can download them separately?

hahaha, well this thread is turning into me talking to myself, but eh, whatever, I’ll still post the results in case it helps anyone

It turns out that despite the failed driver installation, and inability to execute the argonpod-X commands, the screen actually does still work. Photo attached.

Whatever. This is fine for my use case :man_shrugging:

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I’m trying to get it to work with Volumio, to display coverart, not getting any information here, got one person on the Volumio forum to help out, but still not working, is what you did similar, or have you tried it with Volumio?


As you discovered, the screen still works just fine after a reboot, but the argonpod-config command doesn’t work. I wanted to be able to turn the screen off, so I went poking around and found this resource:

It would seem the file isn’t copied into the home directory, or something like that (I am admittedly a little new to programming). Anyway, when I entered /etc/argonpod/argonpod-config the script ran with no problem, allowing me to program the buttons.

Not sure how to re-enable the HDMI port, or if it’s even possible, unfortunately.

Hope this helps!

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@Scuzzbucket @Mel sorry for the late reply, I missed the emials from this forum.

I’m not aware of Volumio or have any experience with it sorry, so I can’t really comment.

@Mel awesome to see that you got it to work. Yes that link definitely helps! the PATH variable… of course! thanks, I’ll give this a shot when I get home today.

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