ArgonOne M2 remote distance

Hello, I just got the remote and I set it up with the instruction in the manual. The problem is that the pwr button work only at the distance of 50cm if I move furder away (2-3m) it won’t work. Does anyone have this king of issue?

The signal coming from your remote control could be too weak. Another reason (with the same outcome) may be that the IR sensor in the front the Argon case is rather hidden behind a smoked piece of plastic. This reduces the intensity (and possibly also the angle) of the incoming infrared light considerably. For this reason I have removed the sensor from the case and attached it on the outside of the case. Now it is possible to point my remote in any direction and get an immediate response. It is a low tech tweak, but it could help. Now I am able to control the volume of my Topping E50 DAC ánd to control music playback using Volumio that runs on a Raspberry Pi4 in the Argon case, both with one universal remote.