ArgonOne M.2 SATA Cooling Fan Not Working in Kali Linux on RPi4b 8gb

I have a RPi 4b 8gb model running a fully updated 64bit version of Kali Linux. I have been able to download to .sh script for the ArgonOne M.2 case and have the fan configured to always on. However the fan does not run at all except during the initial phase of boot up, I presume before the OS loads. By the time the login screen is up the fan is no longer running. The system is getting warm and I don’t want to damage my RPi4. I have tried looking online for suggestions including Kali Linux’s site/forums and can find little advice. The best I could find was a suggestion to edit the cmdline.txt and config.txt files. However they are root files and even with root editing permission granted, I cannot edit them. Not to mention looking at the suggested edits, I don’t believe it would work anyways. I am at a loss. If anyone could make a suggestion or post a link to a solution I would appreciate it. Thank you for the help.