ArgonEON reboots with i2c enabled

After installing argoneeon script it modified the /boot/config.txt to enable i2c (#dtparam=i2c_arm=on). With this set, the pi boots, lcd works, but after full boot it reboots within a minute. Repeats forever.
some isolation, i unpluged lan, unplugged USB jumper to SATA.
running omv on pi4-8gb, no overclock
without i2c the display does not work, so would like to get to the bottom of this.
updated firmware (rpi-eeprom-update).

Uninstalling the script stopped it from rebooting even with i2c enabled in config.txt. The LCD does not work of course. crontab has only a apt-get update script once a day.and /etc/argoneonrtc.conf has just comment headers-no tasks. If i disable the argoneond service, it would still reboot shortly after bootup, but uninstalling stopped that behavior.

There are two services:

The service for the real time clock functionality


and the one for the OLED display


Might want to try:

  1. Install the scripts
  2. disable both services
  3. see if it reboots

if stable enable the argononed.service

And see if its still stable.

(i.e. argon one d)

You can run the install, but leave off the | bash at the end… then edit the script and
remove the startup/enable of the argoneond.service, then just run the script to install.

Thanks for that great suggestion. Disabling both services stopped it from rebooting.
I enabled and started argononed using systemctl, the LCD came on.
it remained stable.
This seems like enough of a fix for me. Thanks very much.

So it sounds like there is an issue with the real time clock stuff. Interesting.

The time is wrong when the pi starts without a rtc battery. Maybe jan1 2000 causes some issue. Takes a few min for ntp update to set the clock. I did not configure any RTC events to provoke the restart. I hope others with this issue find your solution.


Try the following command

python3 /etc/argon/ getschedulelist

After looking at the code, it will attempt to shutdown the system automatically if there is a command to do so at the right time.

I wonder if there is something in the file (like non-printable characters) that might be causing the code to execute.