Argon1 Fan Hat, adding my own power button

I’d like to add my own power button to my Pi 4. When the Argon1 fan hat is installed, what GPIO pins can I use as a power on/off? I’ve seen people post that pins 4/5 work. and 39/40. But does the Argon Fan Hat remap pins, or will it interfere with my buttons operation? I’ve sent this question to Argon support but received no response. Thanks for any assistance!

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I also would like to disable / disconnect the power button it conflicts with my case’s front panel button even before the Argon software is installed.

Where can I find the hardware information on FanHat which pins does it use?

Using a Breakout Board with LEDs I found pin7 (GPIO4) is pulled down by the Fan Hat it is released only when the Fan Hat power button is pressed this is preventing my front panel button from working as it pulls GPIO4 low when pressed. After removing the pin 7 connection to the Fan Hat my front panel power button is working. It appears GPI04 is only needed by the power button the Fan is still functioning normally so-far anyone know different? Hardware documentation for the Fan Hat seems to not exist.

I cut the trace on the Fan Hat running from pin-7. After 2 days both the fan and my power button are working fine.

vwheeler, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Great job, mine now functions as well with that trace cut. Cheers for the effort.