Argon POD case modules

Hi!..does anyone knows about the argon pod UPS module that shows in the installation manual? what is this device about?. Thanks!.

Here is a copy of the Manual

We have not yet released the UPS for the POD Modules. We’ll have it soon.


Thanks for the update!. Will probably get this module as soon as it is released. Please keep me posted about.


I have not been able to make the display module to work properly…it only lits white…I’m using bookworm…also tried bullseye. Please help!…

Is there an update of the UPS for POD Module?.

I wonder which current os versions works…my display module still showing white screen even after installing driver and framebuffer driver too…after testing differents os versiones and different oses versions… and even other raspberry pi zero 2 ws…I’m beginning to believe that display module is fault…