Argon POD button config and UPS

Hi - Couple of things - I’ve build a bonding device for sending stuff over two or more 4G connections using the POD system and a Zero 2W - I need to program the buttons - I tried using GPIO26 to execute a command script as sudo - Is argon looking to update argon-config based on requests?

secondly when is the UPS module coming? a battery would make this amazing.


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Anyone know the pin out for the USB connection on the bottom of the POD?

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Tracing the lines on the PCB, it’s something like this.
The “o” mark is the leftmost top pin hole towards the “PWR IN” port.

         o | Vcc | Vcc |
           | Vcc | D2- | \
           +-----+-----+  > USB out (USB-LAN module input)
         / | D3- | D2+ | /
USB out <  +-----+-----+
         \ | D3+ | D-  | \
           +-----+-----+  > link to power microUSB
           | GND | D+  | /  (both on side and on bottom)
           | GND | GND |

The data link to the power microUSB port is a little bit strange, it has no data connections on the RPi0.

I was able to successfully remap the buttons using a python script. RPi.GPIO and gpiozerolibraries both work. Can always load the python script at boot as a systemctl service.

do you have a bit of the script you are using

You can simply remap the buttons with GPIOnext : GitHub - mholgatem/GPIOnext: The next evolution of GPioneer! Create virtual gamepads with your GPIO pins!
It’s working great on raspberry pi os lite