Argon one v3 won't power on with Raspbery Pi 5 official power supply

Hi, I have a problem with my Argon One V3, which won’t power on when using the official power supply. However, when I use a non-official Pi 4 power supply (without PD), the device powered on successfully.

I have installed all the scripts from the manual, yet it still won’t turn on.
I also change the default jumper to “always on” and add below sentence yet no avail.



config.txt SETTINGS


Is this problem related to power delivery (PD) protocol?

Would suggest try to push in the HDMI board a little more. Might be connection issues.

I had the same problem. The V3 case would not work with the official Raspberry Pi 27 watt power supply but worked OK (except for low power warnings) with other power supplies. Thisseems, to me, to proved that it had been assembled correctly.

I was not prepared to waste time trying to get a system with serious incompatibilities working, so I sent it back and got a refund. Shame as I very much liked the Pi 4 V2 case.

Perhaps they will sort out the sytem soon

Just installed my 8GB Pi 5 in the Argon One V3 M.2 NVME case and just like @arcz and @djc1961 the system will not turn on using a the official Rasp Pi 5, 27 watt power supply.

They need to slap a big red warning label on the box. :bangbang:

I sincerely hope they release some sort of firmware fix for this. What a disappointment.

I’ve had zero issues with the official rpi power supply. Reseat your daughterboard until you hear it “click” in the usb-c port.

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Thanks for your post @Techigami, I went back (again) and disassembled the unit for the 4th time, making sure to push in the USB-C ocnnector rather than the HDMI connectors. I think it might have been about 0.5-1.0mm tighter this time around.

Now the system actually powers on!

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