Argon One V3 - Where's the BLSTR DAC?

I’m setting up an Argon One V3 and have a use for the headphone jack. The manual mentions an Argon One BLSTR DAC, where do I get this? I don’t see it on the Argon 40 site and Google brings up nothing.

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We will have the Argon BLSTR DAC available on our website by March. Our reselling partners in will also carry it on their sites and will be available by April.


Thanks for the info Joseph!

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Can the same be said for the PWR Uninterrupted Power Supply Module?

IMO if a company is going to reference specific parts/addons in official documentation like instruction manuals they should have said products on their website. There’s nothing wrong with slapping a “coming soon” or “available Q1 2024” button under the item. Customers shouldn’t have to spend a hour searching for something that doesn’t exist.