Argon One v3 Rpi 5 firmware source code

In almost the entire raspberry land, software is open source pretty much at all levels. When I bought this case, knowing there is a rp2040 in it, I assumed the firmware source would be on Github. However, all I found there are precompiled binaries that help me little if I want to make changes. There isn’t really anything complex or secret in the firmware, nothing I can’t figure out with a Flipperzero and the remote control, so why isn’t the source code public? Im bitterly disappointed with this wrinkle, it’s a great looking case but not being opensource is a notable negative.

Source cpde and hardware would be opensource, just give us sometime while we sort things out. For us, the idea of using rp2040 is to opensource it.

Do you have a timeline for a first code drop for us poor users who are waiting?