Argon One V3 Power Issue

Hi all
So I set up my One v3 case today for my RPi 5
I use LibreELEC and have problem with the power button.
When I choose shut down in LibreELEC it turns off and I see the red LED light on,
However it will not power back on using the power button. Pressing it does nothing.
I have to unplug power cable and plug it back in and then it powers back on.

We are. Updating our libreelec script. It should be available in the next few days. We are currently.doing more testing before releasing it to the live server.

thanks but think you replied on the wrong post.
This was about power issue I am having

The script is the pne handling power on and off. With the updated script, it should help resolve your current issue.

oh ok
thanks will wait for that

Until there is a official distributed script version for LibreELEC you can use this Add-on version 0.0.9a in combination with a LibreELEC 12 nightly build: