Argon one V3 power button

Wanting to see if I have a faulty board.
No matter what I do the power button won’t turn on.
I have to bypass with the jumpers to always on.

Easiest way to check is to plug your usb C power supply to the usb c port meant for RP2040 inside rhe case and press rhe power button. The fan shpuld start running for a few seconds.

You will also need to install the Argon Scripts for the EEPROM and get power button functionality (e.g. double tap to reboot) and fan controls, when jumpers are in ALWAYS ON.

If this works, then putting it back to default the button should work.

It would have been easier if the jumper would have been placed more to the side so you could change the jumper without removing the boards. Now when I finally had the case working after a week of trying I needed to take the pi and expansion board out again to change the jumper. Good thing it works again but I can imagine people just keeping the jumper on always on because of it.