Argon one v3 power button and fan scripts issue

I am trying to run the scripts from the supplied manual in LibreElect 11.0.6.

  1. curl | bash
  2. curl | bash

They both fail with messages about sudo not being supported.

I downloaded script 1 and removed the sudo commands and it worked fine.
I downloaded script 2 and removed the sudo commands and it fails with:
mkdir: can’t create directory ‘/etc/argon’: Read-only file system

Is there a work around for buttons and fan control or an updated script for raspberry pi 5 and LibreElec?

I am still waiting for my ONEv3, ONE would think that they utilized the PI5 onboard fan and power button so you could use general control for that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Just got my V3 yesterday. The fan never comes on. So I was hoping the scripts would help out.

I had forgotten about this one:
curl | bash

Seems to install fine but still no fan.

Used this on my Pi4 and Argon case v2 for testing but doesn’t work with Pi5 and Argon v3


import sys
import smbus

def set_fan_speed(percent):
bus = smbus.SMBus(1)
bus.write_byte(address, percent)
print (“Set FanSpeed to”, percent, “%”)
except IOError:
print (“IO ERROR”)

speed_in_percent = int(float(sys.argv[1]))
speed_in_percent = 100;


this is crazy they selling item that does not fully work
they should have updated scripts before releasing the case

Wait… does the fan require a script to run? Isn’t the whole point with rpi5 fans that it connects to the physical fan connector

Well, the fan never comes on and is connected to the internal board not to the new Pi5 fan connector.
Plus you would still need a script to use the button as it isn’t working either.

I don’t know Python but the standard GPIO library doesn’t work anymore as they have their own silicone for pin control. The GPIO library hasn’t been updated for this change. GPIZERO seems to have been updated but when I try any examples for anything on the Pi5 I get the error “SOC can’t find base address”

There ends my expertise

the 1st script is for the EEPROM settings allowing the RPI5 max 5amps of power. the 2nd script if the Raspberry Pi OS to control the fan and power button functionalities.

We are still updating the scripts for the LIbreElec and should be ready in a week or 2

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I have the ONE V3 case, and all working, except the fan. I do not want the EEPROM updates - I did them as part of the install. I don’t like rats nest of the main install script - just the fan control, that I will probably tweak.

BTW Raspberry pi OS no longer has a default ‘pi’ user

It is a shame that Argon40 didn’t just use the Pi5 power switch connector, and the standard fan port/control - they just work without 3rd party hacks.

For me ruins an otherwise good case


in the meantime you can use the updated ArgonForty Device Configuration Add-on from here:
LibreELEC ArgonForty Device Configuration Add-on

It’s forked from the orginal one (unluckly 3 years unmaintained) and was changed by me to get it to work with LE10/11/12. One user with a Argon One V3 gave me these days enough feedback to make version 0.0.7 work with this new case in combination with LE12 nightly. LE11 should work too with RPi5, but it’s currently untested. Feedback is very welcome.

If you want to get your fan control test script working with RPi5, you should change this line:
bus.write_byte(address, percent)

This case seems to have a new firmware and supports dutycyle / control register and so on. → “


@HarryH thanks for you efforts. I have tested the change you suggested to my fan script and it does work. I will test the other things as well.

Question what does the parameter 0x80 represent?

Never mind, I just looked at your

Please have a look in the to the constants “ADDR_ARGONONREG_” (line 16 - 23). This is the only source of thruth I currently know. 0x80 = ADDR_ARGONONEREG_DUTYCYCLE. I had to look at the different argon1 scripts to understand the new behavior.

This is the register for PWM value 0 - 100. Older firmware versions used the address 0x1a directly. Now the new firmware accept registers at this address and ignores the old fan control commands.

for example fan always on (100% dutycycle) at CLI: i2cset -y 1 0x1a 0x80 0x64
address: 0x1a
register: 0x80
value: 0x64

There is also a new register 0x86 ADDR_ARGONONEREG_CTRL for the shutdown control. In contrast to the fan control, the old command is apparently still supported here.
If not, use bus.write_byte_data(address,0x86,1) instead of bus.write_byte(address,0xFF)

Beware: Please be careful with the i2cdump command, because it leaves the MCU at Argon One V2 case in undefined state (could be a maintenance mode or it may hang). You must power cut the case, before it reacts normal again.

How to you package up the addon in your branch? Just zip up the src folder?

Currently I don’t have a build process ready. I simply used zip and updated the archive from 0.0.1 already linked in the LibreELEC thread. Alternatively, you can use this as a template:

Testing version 007 (Bond, James Bond)

  1. Fan always on works

  2. Fan set to come on by temp (default temps)
    a. pulses at startup then never comes on again

  3. Fan set to come on at temp (lowest setting 20 degress celsius)
    a. fan pulsed for about one second while disabling the addon
    b. fan pulsed for about one second while enabling the addon
    c. fan pulses for about one second every 20 seconds

  4. Buttons
    a. Pushing button for one second does nothing
    b. Pushing button for two seconds completely shuts down
    c. Pusning button for about 2.5 seconds completely shuts down
    d. Pushing button for 3 seconds completely shuts down
    e. Pushing button for > 5 seconds completely shuts down

    Note: seems no amount of seconds results in a restart as noted in

Oops Testing mistake.

I thought I set the lowest temp to 20 but it was still 50 so I set it to 20 and the fan comes on.

Are the temps correct?

Any way to add Fahrenheit as an option?

Regarding the temperatures, possibly there is a bug inside of version 0.0.7. Because of that I have posted some minutes ago version 0.0.6d which is Argon One V3 only (because registers support is required).

But it’s normal that the fan is off as long the CPU temperature value (celsius) is below the first threshold. Pulsing of the fan speed also is possible if the reported CPU temperature directly in the near of a threshold. Because of the integrated fan is not a silent version, the most users are fine if the fan only starts if the CPU is starting getting to hot.

The button behavior like tested is okay. There is a different between b.)c.)d.) and e.)

b.) appears to have been long enough to count as a 3 second press.
c.) d.) should be a graceful shutdown (first power offs KODI and after ~ 10 seconds the red LED should be goes off)
e.) cuts the power from RPi without OS shutdown

For Reboot it needs to tap the button twice, shortly after another.

c.).d.) and Reboot works only if the Add-on is installed and working right. Alternatively without the Add-on a script like argononed service can be used.

The kernel source for the CPU temperature is in Celsius. This is the reason for that. If I were experienced enough with KODI Add-on development I would answer: “Yea, no issue”. But currently I must learning additional things to can make it happen.

pushing the button twice close together doesn’t do anything