Argon One V3 power board not working when outside the case

I’ve just got a new Argon ONE V3. I’m trying to do things slowly and test as I go since I’m new to this.

When I connect my Raspberry Pi5 directly to the power supply it boots without problems. If I then connect the power/HDMI board to the Pi and try to power it up vi the board it doesn’t work. I’m just using the Pi5 and the power board, nothing is installed in the case; I haven’t got that far yet. Is there any reason why this might be happening or is the board broken?

To rule out that your board is broken, you should try the following:

Thanks for your reply.

I’d already got as far as getting it to click in place, but it still doesn’t work. Now I can’t remove the daughter board so I’ve probably lost the Pi5 as well.

I don’t think the RPi5 is complete lost. Sure, it will need some controlled force to unplug.

The HDMI daughterboard needs the connection to the second pcb in the top of the case. This pcb hosts the RP2040/PMIC and the power button on it as far I can find at photos. Without that, the RPi5 doesn’t get any kind of power.

Managed to detach the power board.

Thanks for the info about the RP2040/PMIC - I was hoping it was going to be something simple like that.