Argon One V3 Pi5 RTC Battery Mounting advice

Is there as recommended place to stick the Official RTC battery for the Pi5 in the new One V3 case? I can see a good place where the DAC will sit when I can eventually buy one, but as I don’t have that I want to check if it will leave room if I put it either on the top case surface where it is labelled DAC Port Notice: etc… or if I should stick it to the underside of the daughterboard somewhere?
I know this might seem trivial, but I don’t want to have to move it really I’m sticking it down with kinda permanent mounting tape that’s a pain to take off (and I’m a bit of a perfectionist so want to do things following best practice) :slight_smile:

I’ve got the M.2 version and the case dimensions will be different to the non-MVNe case, but this might help.

I have seen a plastic encapsulated battery on sale, but I have a flip-lid button cell case. My case will not fit anywhere on the DAC side (the top) of the Pi5. It is just too thick. I brought the cable to the back of the Pi5 and stuck it to the bottom of the case. My case has two ‘pogo’ pins to connect power to the M.2 the base of the case. I found that with the very thinnest double sided tape, the battery case would fit next to the pogo pins and still allow the moving pins to be compressed fully.

If the plastic encapsulated battery is even slightly thicker than my flip-top case then it might prevent the power getting to the M.2 board.

For the non-NVMe Argon One V3, there might not be enough room between the base of the case and the underside of the Pi5.