Argon One V3 NVMe case with Pi5 and Argon IR Remote

Everything is working fine with my new case and an 8Gb Pi5 running a Samsung M.2 drive.

However, I cannot get the Argon IR remote to work 100% with it even after installing the supplied scripts. The on/off button works exactly as it should but none of the other buttons seem to work at all running the latest version of Raspi OS.

It is unclear whether the volume buttons should control the volume control on the desktop? If I hover my mouse over the desktop volume control and operate the scroll wheel up/down, the volume level follows it faithfully; as I would expect it to do. However, if I point the remote at the case and operate the volume up or down buttons, although the remote’s LED flashes, there is no effect on the system at all (I stress again that the system on/off functionality using the remote behaves exactly as it should).

I suppose my question is what I asked earlier, should the volume up/down functionality work in a normal OS in a similar way to how it works in, for example, Kodi?

Please be not confused about that the remote control power on/off signals seems to work already. This function is only partially dependent on these scripts. The power command is interpreted by the RP2040 inside the case directly. The underlying OS doesn’t know about that event and doesn’t shut down graceful, if the scripts to observe the input signals not working right.

To get the remote control to work like a regular one, the system must support this - for example with LIRCD. You can grab a conf file from here. libreelec_package_argonforty-device/source/resources/data/argon.lircd.conf at master · Argon40Tech/libreelec_package_argonforty-device · GitHub

But the second requirement would be, that the used desktop manager of Pi OS interprets the incoming events right. I don’t know if that works out of the box as soon you have LIRCD configured right.

Instead of LIRC you can alternativly use ir-keytable. This seems the modern way with kernel drivers. But it seems seldom used in tutorials. I found this one:
You can find a toml file for the Argon40 remote here:
libreelec_package_argonforty-device/source/resources/data at libreelec12 · HungerHa/libreelec_package_argonforty-device · GitHub

For the config.txt this is the line for the IR receiver of the Argon ONE case.

I think it could work if you:

  • ensure, that the correct dtoverlay line is active in config.txt
  • install ir-keytable
    sudo apt install ir-keytable
  • copy argon40.toml to /etc/rc_keymaps
  • add this line to /etc/rc_maps.cfg
    * * /etc/rc_keymaps/argon40.toml
  • reboot