Argon one v3 m.2 nvme - can't monitor fan speed


I have two pi5s, originally both with the original ‘active cooler for pi5’ and now one with ’ Argon NEO 5 M.2 NVME’ and the other with ’ Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME’ cases.

I am able to monitor fan speed via /sys/devices/platform/cooling_fan/hwmon/hwmon2/fan1_input with the active coolers and the NEO 5 - but not with the argon one v3. (in fact the whole /sys//devices/platform/cooling_fan tree no longer exists on that p5).

It might be relevant that now, (only on the one v3), the fan is driven by some magic, and not pluggen-in to the fan header on the pi5 (but still works ok)

Is there some other place or magic command that I can read the speed from?

If you remove the board from the top part of the case, you’ll find that the fan has a standard 4-pin connector and plenty enough cable to route it to the connector on the pi5 board. I did this last night, tested it under load, and the fan came on and read back RPM through hwmon.


Many thanks for that. it works just as you described.

I wonder if Argon think that this is the correct fix?

I was looking for a solution to run the fan without any scripts because I am using Home Assistant with my Pi 5 never thought to look under the hood for the fan connector.

I managed to loop the wire to the top right near the GPIO pins but I guess it’ll make it a bit tricky when removing the board from the case as you might yank the wire off.

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It’s not perfect, but it’s long enough to not be under strain or pinched… And how often will you take it apart? The PCI-E cable for the NVME is a tighter fit if you ask me. Plus you don’t have to run some janky script to control your fan.

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Does the fan constantly run at 100% if you connect it directly to the RPI5?

Without the script the power button doesn’t work properly? Is the script open source?

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Could anyone help me, please?