Argon One V3 Booted, creshed after 30 seconds, now pi won't boot even disconnected from case


Just received my Argon One 3 NVME case. I installed everything, an it booted as expected, but then crashed 30 seconds later. Now the Pi 5 won’t boot even stand-alone without the case, red light comes on, but nothing. No blinking, no cycling between red & green, just nothing. I used the official Rasberry Pi 4 power supply.

I have tried:

  • a fresh SD card with raspberry pi OS
  • Writing the SD Card Bootloader to an SD card via Raspberry Pi Imager
  • Another SD with a previously known working version of Pi OS

I never got to a point where I could get the NVME set up. Are there any things this case does “automatically” to the onfiguration of the Pi that might have changed a setting? How do I restore my Pi 5 to working?

You say " I used the official Rasberry Pi 4 power supply"
Should it be Raspberry Pi 5 power supply?
I had problems with the official Raspberry Pi 5 power supply.
Now using the iUNiKER 27W USB-C Power supply GaN without a problem

It had been working with Pi 4 power supply since the day I got it. If there is something about this case that bricks your Pi 5 when using a power supply that was working before, I’d like to understand what that might be?

My other thought is that the case bent or flexed the board in a way that broke something?

Whatever the problem may be, I’d like to understand it. This case seems amazing, but obviously not if it breaks the computer.

Can’t help with this problem

Will my Raspberry Pi 4 power supply work with Raspberry Pi 5?

Raspberry Pi 5 is a higher-performance computer than Raspberry Pi 4, and you may have problems using an under-powered supply. We recommend a high-quality 5V 5A USB-C power supply, such as the new Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply.

Well, Seems to me there is a difference between “may have problems” and “this will brick your $80 Pi 5”. Also it WAS working fine until I put it into this case…

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Is there anyone from Admin on here? I’ve also reached out via Argon’s Contact form. How can I be confident this case won’t brick another Pi if I get a replacement?

Our customer service will get in touch. We don’t know of any scenario that the case would brick the Raspberry Pi board. Not sure if you can help us by sending back your case for us to investigate.

same problem here !!
I’ve posted a ticket called “EEPROM script killed my rpi5” and that’s exactly what it did.
Ran the script, rebooted via cmd line, and the board never woke up ever since. No light, nothing. Dead.
Please help…