Argon One V2 With RPi4 on Librelec Issues

I recently bought the Argon One V2 case for my Raspberry Pi 4 running LibreELEC with Kodi. I had a hard time getting the plugin to work using the instructions provided since I am on LibreELEC. I found the ArgonRemote zip file and used that sucessfully by installing using a USB drive.
I am able to get the plugin to install by putting the script on a flash drive and running it, but the fan doesn’t act right. I set the fan to “always on” and it runs for about 20 seconds, then stops. Then starts back up and runs for 20 seconds, then stops. Constantly. Does anyone have any tips on how to properly get this working on the latest LibreELEC version? Thanks!

Please doesn’t use the outdated version 0.0.1 of Install the updated version 0.0.13 from here:

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I don‘t know if I should call it destiny. :face_with_peeking_eye: Yesterday I found a bug/regression in 0.0.13, that throws an exception if the switch „Fan always on“ is enabled. This prevents the fan from running.
If you leave this switch in off position, the fan control is working right and will start the fan as soon the temperature is higher than the first threshold. As a workaround, you can lower the threshold so that the fan runs all the time - if you want this.

Version 0.0.12a isn‘t affected of this. Currently I‘m preparing version 0.0.14 with a fix. But I must test some other changes I’ve made, first.