Argon ONE V2 + V3 and OnePlus 12 IR Blaster

As the New OnePlus 12 Phone comes with an IR Blaster,
is there any way to Power on the Pi in an Argon ONE V2 + V3 with that phone?

if the IR signal follows the NEC Standard then you may configure it via LIRC or via the Argon Config.

I have the IR blaster working in libreelec. So I can send a power signal to shut the pi off.
But it won’t turn it on.

and on the other hand, when I run 64bit bookworm build and run argon-config to configure the custom remote, nothing happens when it asks me to press a button for power.
I do have dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=23 in the config.txt

Anybody any hint? Or maybe a guide available somewhere?