Argon One v2 used pins

I’m looking for a table with all pins used by the Argon One v2.

BMC pin  Function
2        SDA.1 (I2C data)
3        SCL.1 (I2C clock)
4        GPIO.7 Shutdown button
14       TXD transmit UART <== Function?
22       GPIO.3 IR LED pin
23       GPIO.4 IR receiver pin

I2C bus 1 device address 0x1a is used to control the fan.

Q1) Is the table above complete?
Q2) Is the TXD pin only used to generate a shutdown?

An IR LED should be soldered manually and can be controlled via BMC pin 22 GPIO.3.

Update: The function of the TXD pin is: judge shutdown. Determine whether the Raspberry Pi is turned off. If it is turned off, the TX will be out of power and the CPU will be powered off.