Argon One v2 power button not working properly

Hi, I am using Raspberry pi4 + Argon One v2 + libreELEC to setup my Video system.Everything works fine but the physical button which provide by Argon One. When system is plug with power line, single short press the button can boot up the Kodi system correctly. But after shutdown the Kodi by Shutdown in Kodi, I can not boot up the system any more. I must unplug the power line off or press power button for 5 seconds to boot up the Kodi again. I observed that after shuting down by Kodi, the Raspberry 's red power light is always on. Any suggestions will help. THX.

What happens when you unplug all of the USB devices?

The power button capabilities are usually configured by an additional shell script you need to install.

I think one exists for libre.

The only USB device is my wireless keyboard (except USB-C powerline). You mean I should unplug the wireless keyboard?

I followed the franzs’s instruction in

I think you’re seeing same thing some of us has faced before, unfortunately there’s not much support on it: Issue with Argon One M2 after soft shutdown and power cut - #3 by GazMan

If you happen to find a solution please share it. So far the only option I found is same you mention: unplug and replug.

Thank you for reply. I’m afraid I can not provide further solutions because I’m newbee to these Raspberry things.