Argon One V2 IR Remote Control

Hi there,
I have put a Raspberry Pi 4 into operation in an Argon One v2. The current version of LibreELEC is installed. Everything works except for the Argon IR remote control. I can turn it on and off. However, none of the other buttons work. What can I do against it?
Greetings AndZAndZ

I don’t know about the Argon remote but the OSMC remote works with KODI out of the box on LibreELEC — no software installation or configuration required.

Hi garyd,
Thanks for the tip. But I bought the remote control that went with the case to make sure that both fit together 100%. Unfortunately that is not the case here. There must be another solution than buying another remote control. I also think it’s a shame that nobody at Argon cares about customer support. You’re the only one who has replied at all so far.
Greetings AndZAndZ

I thought I’d share because I spent a few weeks asking friends and they all had a wild variance in answers from bulky, expensive Harmony remotes to janky DIY IR remotes solutions… and I just wanted something that works. I couldn’t find much chatter about the OSMC remote but the button layout suggested it was designed by someone that’s familiar with KODI so I took a gamble & it paid off.

Hi, can you try the installation manual from our website? Hope this helps!

hello kenneth,
many thanks for the support. Exactly these instructions were included with the IR remote control. I followed exactly. Exactly as shown in the screenshot of the instructions, I see the “System Tools” and “Raspberry Pi Tools” add-ons, as well as the “Argon Forty Remote”. Unfortunately, the remote control still does not work.
Greetings AndZAndZ

Hi @AndZAndZ , do you mind sharing what version of libreelec are you using? The new instruction in the PDF have subtle difference from our previous version. Just want to make sure that what you follow is the new version. There is a portion that you need to reboot the unit before proceeding with the installation, it is an important step.

I would recommend uninstalling your previous installed driver and do it again. We have make some updates to our original script to make the remote work with the latest version of libreelec.

Let us know how it goes.

Hello lijoseph,
I did the installation of LibreELEC on March 6th. Version 10.0.1 is installed. I first installed the two system add-ons according to the instructions and then rebooted. After that I installed the Argon Remote add-on. I am now testing whether to reinstall.
By the way: The PDF file does not contain any other information than the printed one that came with my remote control. Both agree word for word.
Greetings AndZAndZ

I uninstalled the Argon Remote add-on, then rebooted, then installed a freshly downloaded version. Then rebooted again. The same situation as before. The power button on the remote works, the rest doesn’t.

Hello everyone. Doesn’t anyone have any more ideas? There must be someone at Argon who knows their hardware. is there anything i can do Read out log files, reset something. Is my Raspberry 4 too old?

Hi @AndZAndZ we have test it out on our side and the script is working properly. Would still if can do it on a fresh install and follow the instructions on the uploaded manual.

I finally made it today. This is the third time I’ve set up LibreELEC the same way. The only difference: now version 10.0.2 is running. Now the remote works. But I can’t imagine that that was the cause. Unfortunately I have no idea what is different now than before. Therefore, no solution for the other forum participants can be presented here. Thanks for your support.

@lijoseph these instructions are invalid for LibreElec v10.0.2, there is a missing dependency error virtual.rpi-tools version 0.0.0 cannot be satisfied.

Please see my new topic on this. It may provide some assistance with your key mapping: