Argon one power Supply voltage leak?


   Recently, I realized that when my elbow touched the Argon casing. I have an electrical 'bit' feeling. I used an Electrical Test pen to check and the light lighted up dimly. does that mean there is a leak in electricity?

   Do you all have the same problem?

As long you are not Ironman and doesn’t grab with your other hand at an antenna or directly to another power socket (potential difference), It doesn’t look right to me. :wink:

There are some peoples died in the past, because of the (in my opinion stupid) idea to use a USB powered device like mobile phone / tablet in the bath tube. The root cause was an cheap manufactured USB power supply with an isolation issue.

Which power supply is that? The official from the Raspberry Foundation?

Agron One Power Supply V2 USB-C. Not cheap.

There is a difference in meaning, if you related to the selling price only.

I mean “cheap manufactured” a common synonym for → badly designed, bad soldering points, insufficient quality assurance, disregard of basic manufacturing and testing guidelines in favor of manufacturing costs.
As lower the price to buy a item, so bigger the chance to grab such one. I think thats the reason for the wording “cheap”. However, a higher price is no guarantee of a high-quality product.

Do you have an alternative power supply to double check and/or the option to get a refund for the power supply?