Argon One M3 fan is it running

Hi Folks, this may seem a stupid question but how do you tell if the fan inside the case is working? I am still trying to find a solution, as I have to wear hearing aids I cannot hear it! Anyone with a solution please let me know. If I open the case it cools down so I am still not sure it is working.


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As long you doesn’t unplugged the fan from the case pcb and afterwards connected the fan directly to the connector at RPi5 pcb, you need to install a fan control script. This depends on the operating system is used and is part of the installation of the script. For LibreELEC, you should instead use the Argon Forty Configuration Addon 0.0.13 to enable fan control and power button detection.

Possibly the Argon ONE V3 MCU is able to report the current fan speed, but I doesn’t no the command for that.

If the argononed service was installed (, is running and th I2C bus was initialized, normally you should be fine. You can try to force the fan to 100% speed on this way.

sudo systemctl stop argononed
sudo i2cset -y 1 0x1a 0x80 0x64

After this test you should start the service again.
sudo systemctl start argononed

Sorry, I have completely overread that you wear hearing aids. I can’t judge if you should hear this fan noise. With a Argon ONE V2, I would say - you will hear it. :wink: Do you have someone in your near, who can support you during the test above to hearing for you?

Hi Thanks for the reply, that why I asked the question, as I do not hear it so wondered if there was a way of telling that it was running. I have put in all the fan control and power button scripts so I assume its OK but it would be good to verify that it actually running !

If we expect that your system is currently working right, then the fan will only start if the CPU temperature is higher than the first threshold. Default is 55 degree (celsius). Then the fan will start with 10% PWM dutycycle. It‘s possible that after the re-design of Argon ONE V3 the fan is difficult to identify via hearing. But I think it could be hearable at full speed.
This was the reason why I recommended to make the test like described above.

Perhaps you can „cheat“ and use a sound level meter app or something like that to visualize the noise level?

The technical correct way would be to use the speedometer signal of the fan, to get the speed read back. But this is currently only possible if you connect the fan to the RPi5 pcb and important use a recent kernel + firmware + correct overlay settings.

Hi, you can also try stressberry - it will run the CPU with full load for a while and you can plot out a nice graphic. You can possibly see in the curve if a fan keeps things cool or if it is just the passive cooling.

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