Argon One M2 PC access

Hi. Getting to grips with my new Argon One case, which is great!

I’ve decided to do a fresh install of 64-bit Pi OS, and am having trouble. I thought if I connected a USB-A to USB-C cable between the SATA port and my laptop, I could reflash that way.

Unfortunately, the M.2 drive is not detected, on MacOS or Windows, whether or not there is power to the Argon One (I’d presume it would not be needed).

I then tried booting from a microSD with the USB3 adapter out (as otherwise the Pi would boot from the SSD), so I could then reattach the adapter and flash the M.2 using Imager, but my Pi blackscreens with loss of SSH and VNC as soon as I reattach the adapter.

Am I missing something obvious, or do I need to buy a M.2 SATA enclosure and pull the drive to flash it?

Appreciate any help.

Well, the black screening was a power issue (although my red light stayed on and I was powering via a 140W Macbook charger). Used the original Pi cable and all was well, although I get blackouts with an external HDD connected.

Still can’t get the M.2 recognised on another PC, though.