Argon One M2 HDMI not working propertly

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with y Raspberry Pi 4B 8 gb in my Argon One M2 case. The Raspberry pi itself without the case works perfectly when conecting it to my monitor with a micro mhdmi to hdmi and a hdmi to dvi cable to my monitor. No problem at all. However, when I use the argon one case, I have all sort of problems with the hdmi. At first it wouldn’t show any image at all when booting from SD card, monitor kept turning on and off constantly. I reassembled the case various times just in case with no luck. Turned out that enabled hdmi safe mode in config.txt allowed me to see image and go into Raspberry PI os. However, I keep having problems. Everytime I switch image source of my monitor to a different one, or the monitor goes to sleep, the rasp pi won’t recover image signal. I have to disconnect the rest of devices from my monitor and reboot the Rasp Pi in order to see image again. Clearly something is not set up correctly. I see that there are a los of options regarding HDMI but I do not know how to set them up correctly. My monitor is 27" with 2560x1440 resolution at 60 hz. I have tried both hdmi to dvi and hdmi to hdmi cables with the same results. Without the case everything works like a charm. Could anyone help to set up the hdmi options correctly so this works fine? Thank you

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