Argon One M.2 SATA SSD to USB 3.0 Board Trim Support

I recently purchased an Argon One M.2 SATA SSD to USB 3.0 Board which is labeled with following version:


The onboard chipset is ASM225CM.

Is it supposed to be compatible with the TRIM option?

I couldn’t find anything about this board regarding TRIM option. Only a few info about an older revision of the board with another chipset version.



Finally, after some research it looks like this revision of the board supports TRIM.

I followed this post from Jeff Geerling to enalbe it on my Ubuntu 20.04 installation and it’s working fine.

I have a Argon One M.2 SATA SSD with a Kingston A400 M.2 SATA.

Trim is not working (as I can follow that guide you posted).

My case has the full sized HDMI so it is a V2 (hardware version).

From what I know, I shouldn’t enable trim if the case doesn’t support as it might destroy the data.
How can I know my case version to know if supports TRIM?

@marbi, can you please disclose how you got to know your version and how to know which versions support TRIM or not?