Argon One m.2 SATA SSD crashes repeatedly

I use Argon One m.2 with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4Gb and SATA SSD (AMD Radeon R5 Series [R5M128G8]) with Home Assistant installed along with a few add-ons (Maria DB, Zigbee2MQTT and some other used for home automation system).
The issue I faced is a sudden crash of SSD after some time in continuous operation. The symptoms of a crash is somewhat like being unable to reach HASS application from web or RPi itself by SSH. After a forced power reset, the Pi is not booting up anymore. After replacement of SSD to a new one and redoing the configuring from scratch, same scenario happened again.
So what may be the issue with SSD? Is there a recommended SSD model to be used with Argon M.2, which can work as a stable setup?

I am having similar issues!
Same hardware except I have a WD Green 240GB M.2 Internal SATA SSD. My software is OpenEnergyMonitor’s Emoncms (includes MQTT and MariaDB) along with HomeAssistant in Docker.
The system was working well for a couple of months but over the last couple of weeks, has been freezing - now almost daily! No Emoncms or HomeAssistant web access and no SSH. Oddly it does still respond to “pings”.
Each time it has required either power cycling, Argon One “Forced Shutdown” (Long press >5s) or once it responded to “Reboot” (Double Press). Unlike you, once restarted all seemed to be working and I could find nothing untoward in syslog. I’ve tried a few changes but am now close to doing a system rebuild :grimacing: to see if that cures the problem!
Did you find a solution?

No, I have not!
According to what people say on RPi official forum, the issue presumably lies in a lack of power supply of RPi, which, at some point (such as a sudden increase of a power demand from SSD) leads to unpredicted behavior of RPi - it might be either a complete stuck, or a significant reduction in performance, or any other system glitch.
As I see it, if a lack of power is the case, it might lead to incorrect read/write operations with SSD, including system files, which in its turn crashes the OS.
What makes matters worse, A40 support team was unwilling to provide any kind of specific technical information, which I requested, such as what is the power consumption of A40 case PCBs themselves.
E.g., I’ve got one M.2 SSD that have in its spec the power requirements stated as 3.3v/2.0A. Whether A40 SATA to USB adapter (bottom PCB) is able to provide such current is still unknown to me, as manufacturer is not willing to support customers with such details.
Due to having no manufacturer’s support, as well as bearing in mind how many similar cases (breakdowns of RPi with A40 housing) I have come across on the Internet, I have just replaced both of my assemblies with another case, which is a passive-cooling aluminum case, plus an external SSD connected to a powered USB hub. Surely, it does not look so pretty as A40 does, however, I’m not prepared to rebuild my home servers over and over again due to some “floating” issue, which a manufacturer is not prepared to take the responsibility for.
BTW, another vote for giving up on A40 case was a fan issue, which I ran into myself, as well as found some inputs on this forum as well.

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Hmm. Not good news! I’ll pass this thread on to the company who supplied my equipment (Pi4, WD SSD, Argon Case and Argon PSU) and see if they can get any further. In the meantime, the failure rate is increasing so I will rebuild the system on my original, Pi3 based hardware.
Thanks for your input.

Thank you for launching this thread. I have the same instability issues with my Argon ONE m.2 SATA case that I also use with a WD Green 240Gb boot drive and the official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply.

As you described, after some time of operation, it can be anything from a day, a week to a month, the Pi randomly crashes/locks up, still running but replying with error message when trying SSH to the device and the webserver the Pi is hosting is replying with either Nginx error screen or nothing at all, so at some point there seems to be some corruption taking place.

I’m somewhat relieved seeing that it seems to be some kind of problem with the m.2 sata to USB interface. I’ve been running servers on another Argon ONE first generation for several years with a ugreen USB to SATA adapter to boot from a Crucial 2,5 SATA SSD and it has been rock solid.

Really too bad that there seems to be this stability issue with the M.2 to USB daughterboard. Was looking forward to a trusty, solid neat looking RPi Server…

Same problem from me, for my Argon EON NAS

booting on M2 : WD_BLUE SN550 500GB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3
crypted data disk (luks) : Samsung 870 QVO MZ-77Q4T0BW

This is really frustrating.
Next step is to try if a daily reboot can help.

+1 getting this issue also with an M2 SATA. I have reverted to a (cheaper) case without the M2. If there is a resolution I’d go back to the Argon, but right now it’s a no go